College Workshops - Workforce Development - Student Speaker | Natascha Saunders

*Natascha is taking on a small cohort of clients as she currently pursues her doctoral degree.

Note: Current students/alumni with UMASS Amherst and Brown University  -  please click HERE to schedule your coaching session.) 

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"Over the course of a few months, Natascha helped me drastically redirect my path. Her professionalism, her expertise, and her attentive ears are unmatched. If you’re committed to changing your current life in a major way but don’t know where or how to start, Natascha Saunders is the answer. Investing in Natascha’s services is the greatest investment I made in myself this year.” ~Slandie Prinston

College Workshops - Workforce Development - Student Speaker | Natascha Saunders

Being interviewed by Lindsey was great! We talked, we laughed, but we also got down to business! Watch the video and let me know what you think. 

~ Natascha

"Natascha is a highly intelligent, intuitive, confident and kind person. She undoubtedly displays leadership qualities and is also a great team player. Above all, she has a warm character, positive attitude and is always willing to participate and help others. Natascha is definitely a fun person to work with." 

George Zachariades,

"Natascha's positive attitude, diligence and passion in helping others are still a source of inspiration for me till this day. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of career guidance.." 

Justina Seow,
Branding, Marketing, Communications

"Having her as a knowledgeable career coach was less of someone simply dictating how to go about a generic career path, and more of having someone with great expertise caring about my success and specific career goals, and helping guide me." 

Marie D. Saint-Jean,
Former Operations Specialist in  asset management and now Consultant

College Workshops - Workforce Development - Student Speaker | Natascha Saunders
College Workshops - Workforce Development - Student Speaker | Natascha Saunders

​​​​“A seasoned adult educator and leadership development consultant who has hundreds of mentees, clients, and organizations that speak glowingly of her assistance and wise counsel. An information sponge, a super-quick study, and a strategic thinker across wide areas of HRD. ” 

Terry E. Carter, Senior Partner, Proclaim Communication, Former Client  Manager, INROADS and Author of Brown Skin and the Bread of Life: A Poet's Journey,


Certified Career Coach & Strategist | Consultant  | Faculty | Fellow | Speaker + Ed.D. Candidate