My facial expression says it all in my video clip. Being interviewed by Lindsey was great! We talked, we laughed, but we also got down to business! Watch the video and let me know what you think. 

~ Natascha

"Natascha is a highly intelligent, intuitive, confident and kind person. She undoubtedly displays leadership qualities and is also a great team player. Above all, she has a warm character, positive attitude and is always willing to participate and help others. Natascha is definitely a fun person to work with." 

George Zachariades,

"Having her as a knowledgeable career coach was less of someone simply dictating how to go about a generic career path, and more of having someone with great expertise caring about my success and specific career goals, and helping guide me." 

Marie D. Saint-Jean,
Former Operations Specialist in  asset management and now Consultant

College Workshops - Workforce Development - Student Speaker | Natascha Saunders
College Workshops - Workforce Development - Student Speaker | Natascha Saunders

​​​​“A seasoned adult educator and leadership development consultant who has hundreds of mentees, clients, and organizations that speak glowingly of her assistance and wise counsel. An information sponge, a super-quick study, and a strategic thinker across wide areas of HRD. ” 

Terry E. Carter, Senior Partner, Proclaim Communication, Former Client  Manager, INROADS and Author of Brown Skin and the Bread of Life: A Poet's Journey,

Certified Career Coach | Consultant  | Faculty | Workshops + Ed.D. Candidate


College Workshops - Workforce Development - Student Speaker | Natascha Saunders

"Over the course of a few months, Natascha helped me drastically redirect my path. Her professionalism, her expertise, and her attentive ears are unmatched. If you’re committed to changing your current life in a major way but don’t know where or how to start, Natascha Saunders is the answer. Investing in Natascha’s services is the greatest investment I made in myself this year.” ~Slandie Prinston

College Workshops - Workforce Development - Student Speaker | Natascha Saunders

"Natascha's positive attitude, diligence and passion in helping others are still a source of inspiration for me till this day. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of career guidance.." 

Justina Seow,
Branding, Marketing, Communications

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