​​​Dr. Natascha F. Saunders, MBA, MS, CPCC

Career Coach | Consultant | Scholar | Strategist | Speaker

Your Personal Brand: How to Put Your Best Brand Forward

Part I. Developing Your Career Tool Kit (YouTube Video)

​​This video opens up with one tool I am using to help me navigate this time of change. I then talk briefly about ‘personal branding, careerlab, how to answer the question: tell me about yourself, how to master the art of networking, 8 strategies to master networking, LinkedIn) 

Part II. Developing Your Career Tool Kit (YouTube Video)

​​This video continues with LinkedIn, but some specific parts of the profile, interviewing both in-person and virtual, then ends with a brief recap. 

Getting our Youth their first job or Beyond

Diversity & Inclusion: Leading Teams Locally and Virtually​