Mentoring is long-term support for students and young professionals, and although some one-hour coaching sessions can feel transformational, depending on the matter at hand long-term, lasting change comes from developing a meaningful mentor relationship with Natascha over time and supporting the individual as they create the life they want. It’s a process that takes time.

COST: Monthly Mentoring start at $97 up to $500 (3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months)

Your retainer offers monthly 1 on 1 sessions. In between those sessions,  the client has an opportunity to connect with Natascha with something called finite coaching on an unlimited basis. Finite coaching is 10-15 minutes of support in between sessions. This could be by phone or email which and supports them in this evolution process.

The benefits of the Monthly Mentoring includes feeling supported all month long, a higher level of access to Natascha when needed for spur of the moment questions and knowing each individual has someone in their corner 24/7. The bonus to the structured sessions is that it’s a monthly program that supports students in creating authentic and sustainable transformation in their life through our their college journey. 

For example, individuals may want to talk about.. relocating, career change, job search, internship search, family, transitions, goals, vision, branding, returning to school, etc.

It is our hope that after mentoring with Natascha her clients WILL:

• Acquire new SKILLS and ABILITY to make positive, strategic choices and gain a greater awareness of who they are, what they want and exactly how they plan to get there

• Learn real tools to let go of fear, negative thinking, and destructive influences and replace them with a sense of peace, understanding, and purpose, supporting you helping you evolve into their best self

• Guide them into creating solutions to their identified obstacles that will move them from stagnation to execution and improve their outlook on life

Mentoring is done by phone or video, which affords clients the convenience of calling from home, office, school, program, or any location in the world. As long as they have access to a phone or a computer, they can reach Natascha and participate in a scheduled mentoring session.

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