The following is the Start-Up Branding #ToolKit for career coaches and speakers! These items are suggested coaching areas to focus on during your sessions. Natascha does not create these speaker marketing documents for you, but she coaches you through the process, makes significant edits and will provide for you the templates. If you'd like her to provide design support, then please purchase package #3 or VIP.

AREAS *New Career Coaches & Speakers should focus on!

Article Writing Review
Brand Personal Assessment
Business Card Critique
Crafting Speaker Topics

Delivery Methods
Elevator Pitch Crafting
Email Pitch Review
Email Signature 
Facebook Banner Critique 
General Speaker Coaching 
Headshot Selection 
Image Consulting
LinkedIn Editing/Critique
List of Speaker Agencies 
Market Research
Network Building 
Practice TV/Media Interviewing 
Presentation Critique
Press Release Draft 
Resources / Tools 
Speaker Biography
Speaker Event Checklist
Speaker One Sheet Flyer 
Speaker Request Form
Speaker Tri-Fold Brochure
Speech Content Review
Website / Blog Critique


Dear Coach/Speaker,

There have been many who have jumped head first into calling themselves a career coach and speaker figuring things out as they go. However, many have not established a clear foundation, created a solid record of their experiences, assessed their personality, outlined their target market, nor do they know where to focus their efforts.

The result? Discouraging feelings of frustration, and even worse, no measurable outcomes for building their coaching and speaking careers.

If you are looking to begin a career coach and speaking career and become that subject matter expert, I can help you with the fundamentals in establishing your speaker framework. 

Why am I qualified? 

With experience serving on the communications faculty at Trinity Washington University, I taught Communications for Managers. I also helped establish the first Toastmasters International at Johnson & Wales University. Also, I have been speaking successfully for over 10+ years. Lastly, my experience includes establishing my own business in 2009, previously serving as Black Rhode Island USA, and having the title of Goodwill Ambassador to The Gambia, which opened many doors for me to speak across the United States and abroad.

Some of my speaking engagements have included: PwC, KPMG, Latina Leadership Institute, TJX Companies, The City Club of Washington, Goodwill Industries, Public/Private/Charter schools in through the United States,  New York City Department of Human ServicesHarvard University, George Mason University, Lake State Superior University, Black MBA Association, also moderating panels for Black Enterprise Magazine and National Urban League.

Appearances have included:

WHUR 96.3FM, Sirius XM, CKNW News Talk 980 Vancouver, COX, GEN Y Radio, Australian Radio, ABC Channel 5, City Line, METRO, Globe, Herald News, Verizon Fios, and being published with,, Scholastic, AFRO News, 
Tory Johnson's, BlackCelebKids, JournalNegroEd,  BostonBlackMBA, and more.


All coaching packages include a FREE 30 Minute pre-consultation to determine which topics should be focus areas during your sessions. 

Note:Coaching Packages two and three come with cloud access to speaker resources, coaching guidance and personalized edits in creating documents such as Vision Statement, Goals, Advisory Board, Speaker Flyer, Workshop Presentation, etc.


Career Coach & Speaker Coaching Package #1

$295 for three (3) one-on-one coaching sessions. This method is the most economical for new and aspiring speakers who could benefit from verbal input only, but still beneficial in getting you started and receiving quality advice directly from Natascha.



Career Coach & Speaker Coaching Package #2 

$495 for three (3) one-on-one coaching sessions. Cloud access to helpful templates. Three (3) weeks of email support to review and provide feedback on up to three (3) marketing documents. This RMI (Receive My Input) provides new and aspiring coaches and speakers more support developing their marketing content and would like verbal and editing feedback. 



Career Coach & Speaker Coaching Package #3

$795 for five (5) one-on-one coaching sessions. Cloud access to helpful templates. Five (5) weeks of email support to review and provide feedback on your marketing documents. This RMI (Receive My Input) provides new and aspiring coaches and speakers who want maximized support developing their materials and content and would like verbal, and email feedback. Plus,  texts, social media access, priority endorsed retweets, LinkedIn endorsements, branding assessment with feedback, local market research, Top 5 Strengths, and reviewed up to five (5) documents such as speaker flyer and social media banner.




$2997 up to ten (10) one-on-one coaching sessions to get you up and running. Cloud access to Handouts/Templates. Ten (10) months of email support to review and provide feedback to up to ten (10) marketing documents. This RMI (Received My Input) provides new and aspiring speakers who want maximum support developing their toolkit and would like verbal and email feedback. Plus, texts, social media access, priority endorsed retweets, LinkedIn edits, endorsements, personal brand assessment with feedback, local market research, strengths assessment, personality assessment, in-depth speaker topic assessment, review speeches or presentations, and professionally created documents such as speaker flyer, social media banner, business card, postcard, and Tri-fold brochure. **You'll also get personalized introductions to her network where relevant.




If so, please email,

call 617-615-2838  or CLICK HERE to schedule a chat! 

*Coaching from Natascha is NOT legal counsel, which is suggested when starting a business. However, Natascha will provide recommendations to Small Business Development Centers and your local SBA for support with such matters.

Become a Career Coach or Speaker!
As a new career coach and speaker, it's essential that you begin with a clear vision, an outline of your topics, industry research of your competitors, research,  framing that proves your content is timely and valid, and most importantly practice. If you are ready to be held accountable for achieving your goals as a well-respected as a career coach and speaker and would like to receive coaching to get you started - then I can help!

"Ms. Saunders is an exceptional coach and advocate. Her passion to empower professionals is exemplary!" 

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