​​​Dr. Natascha F. Saunders, MBA, MS, CPCC

Career Coach | Consultant | Scholar | Strategist | Speaker

Natascha will work with you to create a Resume, Cover Letter (Job, Inquiry, Pitch Letter, etc.), or LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed and makes you feel proud of what you have already accomplished.

Here’s how the process works:

Step 1.  Submit Materials: Please include along with your current resume as many of the following: career history, education, training, global travel, projects, technology skills, career interests, affiliations, memberships, presentations, publications, languages, conferences, three (3) adjectives to describe you, accomplishments, certifications, awards/recognition, and if applying to something specific the description and organization website.

Step 2. One-on-One Coaching Session: Once paid, you can schedule your 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your current resume and additional materials, learn more about your goals, gain as much clarity as possible and answer any questions you may have. (*Not for a quick critique.)

Step 3. Draft: You’ll receive your first draft within 48 hours after the coaching call or determined by agreement. 

Step 4. Refine: You’ll have up to 72 hours after receiving your first draft to request additional modifications or determined by agreement.

Step 5.Refine: You'll receive your second draft within 48  hours or determined upon agreement after your modifications are submitted. 

Step 6. Refine: You’ll have 72 hours after receiving your second draft to request additional modifications or determined by agreement.

Step 7.Finalize: Your completed, third and final professional resume is delivered to you in Microsoft Word and PDF.

NOTE: In a RUSH? Need your materials within 48 hours? If so, be prepared to be on-call and provide responses to Natascha within 120 minutes of receipt. 


Resume quick critique (Line by line review of your resume,  bullet summary of suggested edits you can then use to make the corrections yourself.)
Entry Level / High School / College Students 
Mid-Career Professional 10-14 years of work experience 
C-Suite 15+ years of work experience 

Resume full edit 
(One 30-Minute Coaching Call, Steps 1 - 7 apply)
Entry Level/ High School / College Students  
Mid-Career Professional 10-14 years of work experience 
C-Suite 15+ years of work experience

Resume full edit, *plus* 1-Page Cover Letter or up to 300 words LinkedIn Summary (Up to two 30-Minute Coaching Calls, Steps 1 - 7 apply)
Entry Level / High School / College Students
Mid-Career Professional  10-14 years of work experience
C-Suite 15+ years of work experience

 I found our consultation sessions to be very effective.  You provided new techniques and perspectives that I have used since and will continue to use moving forward.  Thank you for your professionalism and guidance.  I hope other Vets are able to gain from your services as I did. 

~ J. F.

Military Veteran

A HUGE THANK YOU! This is awesome. Just had a moment to sit and read your edits. PERFECTION!!!

~ Thandi F.,

Global Marketing & Finance Executive

Cover Letter, Resume, LinkedIn