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View Sample Resumes Below (These are almost finished drafts and will give you an idea of Natascha's style.)

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Natascha will work with you one-on-one to create a Resume, Cover Letter and/or LinkedIn profile that gets noticed by hiring managers, graduate admissions committees, and recruiters. 

Here’s how the process works:

Step 1.  Submit Materials: Please include along with your current resume as many of the following: career history, education, training, global travel, projects, technology skills, career interests, affiliations, memberships, presentations, publications, languages, conferences, three (3) adjectives to describe you, accomplishments, certifications, awards/recognitions, and if applicable a job description.

Step 2. Phone Call (Packages): We will schedule a 30-45 minute phone consultation to review your resume and additional materials, learn more about your goals, gain as much clarity as possible and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3. Draft: You’ll receive your first draft within 24-48 hours or determined by agreement. 

Step 4. Refine: You’ll have up to 72 hours after receiving your first draft to request additional modifications or determined by agreement.

Step 5.Refine: You'll receive your second draft within 24-48  hours or determined upon agreement after your modifications are submitted. 

Step 6. Refine: You’ll have 72 hours after receiving your second draft to request additional modifications or determined by agreement.

Step 7.Finalize: Your completed, third and final professional resume is delivered to you in Microsoft Word and PDF.


Resume or Cover Letter Quick Critique (Includes: Review of Current Resume or Cover Letter, Written Suggestions Only Returned through email)

Entry Level /Students $47
Mid Professional $67
C-Suite Executives $87

Resume &/or Cover Letter Package (Includes: Review of Current Resume &/or Cover Letter, 20 min Phone Consultation, up to two (2) revisions after initial review)

Entry Level/ Students $97
Mid Professional $147
C-Suite Executives $247

Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Package (Includes: Review of Current Resume &/or Cover Letter, LinkedIn, 20 min Phone Consultation, up to four (4) revisions total)
Entry Level / Students $197
Mid Professional $297
C-Suite Executives $347